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web design & develop html              css © DLUMS 2018. Sva prava zadržana. E-POSTERI: 1. Eroglu Oguz:  A different cause of severe  back and chest pain:  Subclavian steal syndrome 2. Mehmet Tahir Gokdemir:  Acute inferior myocardial  infarction associated with  the ingestion of captagon pills:  a case report 3. Ozgur Sogut: Approach  to adult patients with pain  admitted to the emergency  department 4. Baris Yilmaz: Assessment of  brain tomography efficacy in  patients with headache who have  normal neurological examination 5. Funda K. Akarca: Bedsıde  ultrasonography ın the  dıagnosıs of SMA dıssectıon 6. Cemal Nas: Effects of  L-Carnitine and  N-Acetylcysteine on  nonalcoholic hepatosteatosis  in rats 7. Abdurrahman Çetin:  Extremity swelling and  circulation disorders in  subarachnoid hemorrhage due  lumal trauma: an experimental study 8. Kavalcı Cemil: Horse Chestnut  Allergy-Case Report 9. Ozgur Sogut: Low-velocity  Traumatic Knee Dislocation  Associated with Neurovascular  Disruption 10. Ozgur Sogut:  New-generation anticoagulant  and antiplatelet agents:  What does the literature say? 11. Funda Karbek Akarca:  POCUS for determınıng the  case of fever orıgın 12. Funda Karbek Akarca:  POCUS ın elbow traumas 13. Ozgur Sogut:  Post-Traumatic Diaphragm  Hernia Secondary to  Delayed-Diagnosis of  Diaphragm Rupture 14. Melis Dorter: Predictive  Value of C-reactive  protein/albumin Ratio in  Patients With Traumatic  Brain Injury 15. Eroglu Oguz: Spontaneous  rapid resolution of acute  subdural hematoma 16. Mehmet Tahir Gokdemir:  The Association Between Mean  Platelet Volume And Inflammation  In Geriatric Patients With  Emergency Hypertension 17. Abdurrahman Çetin: The  effects of systemically Administered  methylprednisolone and  recombinant human  erythropoietin after acute  spinal cord compressive injury in rats 18. Tijana Smiljković: The  importance of ultrasound  in the initial treatment  of thoracic trauma 19. Mehmet Tahir Gokdemir:  Total Oxidative stress and  Total antioxidant in patients  with acute migraine in  emergency department 20. Eren Duyar: Weıl’s Dısease 21: Mirela Ćirović: Atypical manifestation of acute  myocardial infarction -case report 22. Jovana Vešović:  Burnout syndrome 23. Milan Urošević:  Can we do it better? 24. Željko Krsjanović: How to  deal with stress in  Emergency Department 25. Jelena Dačić: Emergency  Department triage –  A Nurse’s Everyday Chalenge 26. Violeta Aleksić: Ricin  poisoning-case report 27. Bulut Demirel: Abdominal Abscess in a Patient with  Peritoneal Dialysis 28. Betül  Tiryaki Bastug:  The need for CT Imaging in  Elderly Population in a  University Hospital Emergency Unit 29. Betül Tiryaki Bastug:  The need for CT Imaging in  Pediatric Population in a  University Hospital  Emergency Unit 30. Bulut Demirel: Burning of  a Stretcher; Things to Pay  Attention During Physical  Restriction 31. Ivana Milićević-Nešić:  Diagnosis in the first episode 32. Tanja Boljević:  Maxillofacial injury  in seriously  injured patients 33. N. Vešović: The role of  video-assisted thoracoscopy  in diagnosis and treatment of  pleural diseases  Clinic for thoracic and cardiac surgery 34. Bulut Demirel: Kounis  Syndrome; Not A Myth 35. Mustafa Burak Sayhan:  Hepatorenal Failure Due to  Toluene Inhalation 36. Osman Kuncan: Aortoenteric  fistulas, Two Case Reports 37. Dejan Veljković: The role,  the tasks, and the significance  of medical teams in custom  and special police units 38. Bulut Demirel:  Spontaneous Pneumocephalus  Presenting with Epistaxis 39. Tezer Çiftçi: AV Block  Due to Snake Bite in the  Emergency Department 40. Bulut Demirel: Unknown  Insect Bite Causing Myocarditis 43. Boris Mladenov: Ischemic priapism as urological  emergency, treatment  approaches 44. Ali Cebisli: Eikenella Corrodens  Infection Related Gaseous  Gangrene and Finger  Amputation After  The Human Bite 41. Ali Cebisli: Bilateral  radial head fractures:  an uncommon case report 42. Dejan Veljković: The Role  Of Fire And Rescue Units  And Emergency Medical Help  In Responding To  Technological Accidents   - Case Report 45. Damir Husović:  Od sinkope do plućne embolije 46. Dragana Vucic: Lumbar  vertebra fracture Case Report 47. Göksu Bozdereli Berikol: Imaging the examination signs:  case report 48. Nikola Kostić: Osećaj blagog  zamora i treperenja u grudima kao jedini simptomi  komorske tahikarije – prikaz slučaja 49. Vladimir Gajić: Heavy  Chest Trauma-Case Report 50. Dragan Milojević:  Factors associated with  fatal outcomes of stroke 51. Elif Öztürk: Retrospective  Analysis of  Patients Admitted  to Emergency Department  With Complaint of Convulsion 52. Srbislav Pajić: The comminutive  fractures of the middle  third of the face 53. Srbislav Pajić:  The trauma of the middle  third of the face 55. Milutin Mrvaljević:  Reconstruction of the upper  lip after the removal  of skin carcinoma 56. Christos Nichlos:  Metformin-associated lactic  acidosis (MALA):  A case report and literature review 57. Milena Janković:  Team work-key for good  trauma outcomes 58. RadmilaFurtula:  Kirkpatrick's Four-Level  Training Evaluation Model 54. Goran Kaljević:  Laparoscopic surgery  – the place and role  in emergency surgery 59. Milan Elenkov: Fatal  Sepsis in a Patient With  Rheumatoid Arthritis  Treated With MTX 60: Milan Elenkov:  Poisoning with malathion 61. Saša Stefanović:  Response to a major incident  in pre-hospital settings 62. Marija Bogdanović:  Meningoencephalitis -  a case report 63. Marica Novosel:  Hypertensive crisis-  case report 64. Marija Milenković:  Predictors of in-hospital  mortality in patients  with severe trauma