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Dear Colleagues,


One difficult year is behind us, a year that we would like to forget ... but that we will still remember ... by the many challenges we faced ... by the many problems we solved, by the strength that carries us, that we and today it bears in the struggle for the patient, in the struggle for life. The knowledge, skills, training and readiness that adorns everyone who works in pre-hospital and hospital emergency medicine units has often meant victory in the difficult struggles we have fought ... and which we continue to lead ...


As a reminder and a monument to the previous days, beautiful memories of our dear colleagues that we lost in the fight remain. Although it is an irreparable loss, primarily for their families, it is a loss for us who continue the fight, and in their name. The struggle is complex, difficult, with a lot of uncertainty, from which, we firmly believe, the spirit of unity can sustain and save us. Both us and our patients, because of which we enter into difficult struggles and efforts.


The year ahead brings new challenges, and we hope that it will still be easier and fulfilling with the personal and professional successes of all of us.

Preparing for your new educational program, new socializing. Now, for sure, we can announce our Seventh International SSEP Congress, which will be held in September this year. In addition, the 6th International Emergency Medicine and Cardiac Care is announced, which was prepared with our friends from Turkey and the Section for Emergency Medicine SEM.


At the international level, we invite you to take part in the EuSEM Congress, which will be held this year in Lisbon, Portugal, 27-31. October 2021.


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In addition, as a continuation of the idea of ​​uniting the Southern Balkans through cooperation in the field of emergency medicine, the third Congress of Emergency and Medical Aid of Southeast Europe is being prepared, which is planned for July in beautiful Thessaloniki.


"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Walt Disney


Your Association of Emergency Physicians of Serbia


Previous WINFOCUS congresses have shown and pointed out the growing need and importance of ultrasound diagnostics in modern medicine. This need and importance is especially emphasized in the work in the units of emergency medicine, pre-hospital and hospital.


Registration for WINFOCUS 2021 is FREE for the first 1000 participants.

All you have to do is confirm your membership when registering, in the part related to membership in associations (Are you a member of a society / institution endorsing the Congress? - click "yes" and then enter DLUMS in the box below), or by using the QR code in the attached flyer, by indicating the Affiliation to DLUMS.

Register here


Welcome to  WINFOCUS World Congress 2021!


More info

Dear Colleagues,


We are extremely pleased to be able to invite you to participate in the WINFOCUS World Congress 2021, which will be held online, 12-13 June, 2021


The World Interactive Network Focused On Critical UltraSound (WINFOCUS) is the world leader scientific network committed to develop Point-of-Care Ultrasound practice, research, education, technology, and networking, addressing the needs of patients, institutions, services, and communities living in out-of-hospital and in-hospital critical scenarios.


Previous WINFOCUS congresses have shown and pointed out the growing need and importance of ultrasound diagnostics in modern medicine. This need and importance is especially emphasized in the work in the units of emergency medicine, pre-hospital and hospital.


We are glad to announce



6th International Emergency Medicine and Cardiac Care,



This symposium will present new practices in emergency medicine and cardiology and will be a good platform for learning and exchanging experiences of doctors from countries and abroad.


The symposium will be organized from June 3 to 6, 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia. The symposium is jointly organized by the Association of Emergency Physicians of Serbia, the Section for Emergency Medicine of the Serbian Medical Association and the Association of Emergency Physicians of Turkey.




SEE journal

Official Journal of The Serbian Society for Emergency Physicians.


An international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researcheres in emergency medicine.

What is Emergency Medicine Day?

May 27 was introduced as the European Emergency Medicine Day and was promoted by the European Society for Emergency Medicine - EuSEM, which we are proud members and thus representatives of emergency medicine in Serbia. With the official marking on May 27, we want to unite the general public and people who are crucial in decision-making to think about Emergency Medicine, forming the direction of its development.


We believe that it is necessary to develop awareness of the need for improvement and change in the organization of emergency medical systems, in order to reduce mortality and negative health consequences after any urgent medical condition or event.

Through our activities, we encourage citizens, patients, health professionals and institutions to talk about Emergency Medicine and create projects for the years ahead.


The strongest voice must be in the areas where there is the greatest need for improvement in the field of specialization in Emergency Medicine, the organization of emergency services and where there is a need for standardization of procedures.


Competence makes the difference


The goal is to explain that taking care of emergency situations is much better when we have competent professionals, doctors - specialists in Emergency Medicine and nurses who are educated for the care of vitally endangered patients as well as all associated structures and actors who participate in an organized system dedicated to emergency care.


Show the whole society as well as the political factors in the decision-making process that such an organization will be useful in reducing the incidence of morbidity, mortality, but also showing significant savings.


Areas of concern


Fast and competent first response to life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, stroke, heart attack, trauma, respiratory arrest, bleeding or sepsis.

An effective and quality response to all other emergency situations.

Barrier and protection against violence and abuse.

Organized reaction, response and prevention of mass disasters and humanitarian crises



The future we face together

is one in which knowledge will be

the most important currency


Drew Faust

President of Harvard University

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