I want it all and I want it now! I want it all and I want it now! SSEP 5th internatinal congress pirot 2019 23 - 25 may


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We are very excited to welcome you to the 5th International Emergency Medicine Congress, jointly organized by the Serbian Society for Emergency Physicians (SSEP), and Centre for Emergency Medical Care, Sofia, Bulgaria to be held in Pirot, Serbia on 23-25 May 2019.

SSEP have a deep commitment to the development of our specialty. Heading to new successes, new horizons in EM, we invite you to another very interest, scientific and pleasure event, this time in Pirot, little town in southeast of Serbia, that calls itself a gate of east and west. Still driven by energy and the success of the previous Congresses of Emergency and Disaster Medicine, logic continuum of our progress is the SSEP Fifth International Congress, with the motto I WANT IT ALL, emphasizing the growing need for doctors, both emergency medicine and all those who deal with emergency patients, enlarging and perfecting their professional competencies to master new knowledge and technologies, for overall benefit of our patients.


We endorse the standards of workplace fairness, residency training, and lifelong education in emergency medicine. Fifth International Emergency Medicine Congress is an opportunity to share the very best practices with countries where dedicated professionals have created systems to deliver the highest possible level of care, even in austere environments. We all have so much to learn from each other!


Many of the sessions will cover important aspects of emergency medicine including recognition and treatment of acute cardiologic conditions, critical care, basic and advanced ultrasound, lessons learned from tactical and military medicine,  updates in toxicology, development of prehospital care systems, and so much more. The SSEP and our supporter International Centre for Excellence in Emergency Medicine (CEEM) is sponsoring a poster and oral abstract competition. The 3 abstracts receiving the highest scores as determined by the Abstract Review Committee will be award. The primary authors of the top three scoring abstracts will each be invited to deliver a five minute oral presentation during the Congress and also will received tablet.


The joint Congress embraces a true collaboration of teaching and learning, between Serbia and Bulgaria based on the belief that we have knowledge and experience that will benefit all of us.


Our curriculum will be impactful to physicians, residents and medical students; as well as nurses, researchers and scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and anyone involved in the delivery of emergency care.


The small picturesque city Pirot invites you to explore all that this historic city and its surrounding areas have to offer-Castle, ancient churches, monasteries and beautiful mountains small traditional workshops for making world-famous carpets, but also the delicious food of our ancestors.


So, come and join us and bring your family and friends, and enjoy the best mix of professional and family activities.


We look forward to seeing you in Pirot!



Društvo lekara urgentne medicine Srbije - DLUMS

CENTAR za HMP, Sofija, Bugarska

Established in 1935, the city's "Emergency", as it is still popular with the city's residents, is the oldest emergency medical service in Bulgaria. Nearly eight decades now the teams of Sofia City Center have entered the daily battle for the lives and health of the residents of the capital. These are the people who first learn about the tragedy of the city and face it 24 hours a day. These are the people whose only failure in the treatment of a patient can wipe out all the successes.


Activity of EMS Sofia

According to the Regulation on the Structure and Operation of the Center for Emergency Medical Care, the structure is a medical establishment in which medical specialists with the help of other staff provide emergency medical assistance to ill and injured persons at home, at the site of the accident and during transportation to the eventual their hospitalization. The center has a continuous 24-hour operation. ЕMS Sofia consists of an administrative and business sector, Regional Coordination Center (RCC) and Emergency Medical Service (FMCG).


EMS Sofia performs the following activities:


-        Emergency medical care for ill and injured persons;


-        Providing specialized emergency transport of patients, donors and organs, blood, blood components and apparatus, Republican consultants for emergency medical care;


-        Conducting training for emergency medicine graduates.


The Center's activities are carried out by тeams consisting of a physician and medical or other qualified specialist: Resuscitation teams consisting of a doctor, a medical professional and a driver; Doctors' teams consisting of a doctor and a driver, оr of a medical professional and a driver; Transport teams consisting of a driver and a health care professional when required to perform a particular task.


Emergency Medical Service Sofia (Център за Спешна Медицинска Помощ София)



Abstracts submission until 01.03.2019


Information to authors till 20.03.2019


Early registration fee until 01.04.2019


Late registration fee from 02.04. 2019



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I want it all and I want it now! I want it all and I want it now! SSEP 5th internatinal congress pirot 2019 23 - 25 may
I want it all and I want it now! I want it all and I want it now! SSEP 5th internatinal congress pirot 2019 23 - 25 may